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  • 25Nov

    Facts about Denture Implants

    Dental implants provide a long-term solution for missing or damaged teeth. There are different applications for implants, including denture implants and single tooth implants. Some dentists who offer implants also offer denture implant services. Here are some facts about denture implants.


    With denture implants, 2 to 4 posts are anchored to the bone and the denture attaches to the posts. The dentures will be taken out at night for cleaning, just like with regular dentures. Denture implants are normally performed on the lower jaw because dentures tend to be less stable there but they can be implanted in the upper jaw as well.


    The implants, which look like screws, will be placed into the jawbone. It will take 2 to 6 months for the implant to bond properly with the bone. Then the dentures will be made that will snap onto the posts.


    Denture implants are long lasting and function like real teeth. They are more comfortable and more stable than dentures. This means no slipping that can affect your speech. No slipping also means chewing is better and more efficient. Some foods that were difficult to eat with dentures may be easier to consume with implants.

    With traditional dentures, the jawbone can deteriorate over time. This loss of bone can affect the look of your face and jaw line. Implants will help preserve the jawbone and keep it strong.

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  • 25Nov

    How Can Naturopathic Care Help Me?

    Whether your body is in optimal health or you are receiving treatment for one or more medical conditions, naturopathic care is beneficial to all individuals. Based on the premise that the body was designed to heal itself, naturopathic treatment for oncology, pain and discomfort, and detoxification can benefit both men and women. Additionally, gender-specific care if available to treat and prevent the most common ailments that target men and women; which includes working with patients undergoing treatment for prostrate, breast, uterine, cervical, and ovarian cancers.

    Naturopathic doctors not only help treat patients currently undergoing treatment for disease, but they also work with patients to prevent cancer or maintain a status of remission, undergo detoxification from the chemicals found in our food supply and environment, and restore a body’s system that may have suffered damage. The goal of naturopathic medicine is to treat patients holistically by restoring their systems back to the balance nature intended and to educate patients regarding the damages our bodies receive from outside sources and how to avoid them.

    To determine if damage has been done to a person’s body, naturopathic doctors may indicate a variety of specialty tests are indicated. These are different tests from typical lab tests and are used to check for specific deficiencies or imbalances your body may be facing. If needed, your doctor will discuss each with you and proceed accordingly to develop an individualized care plan.

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