Who is Watching Your Back in the World of Online Gambling?

Whilst you may know of both the UK Gambling Commission and The Competition and Market Authority from their licensing and regulation abilities for online casinos, what you may not know is just how much they are also your guardian angles, constantly watching your back and ensuring that online gambling is conducted in a fair and safe manner. They root out the rogue casinos from the top-quality sites and make sure that responsible gambling is a key casino priority, only those committed to keeping their customers safe will be licensed and allowed to operate.


UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)

The UK has fairly powerful gambling legislation, but it is also fair for everyone. If you act responsibly, give what you advertise and offer advice and services relating to problem gambling to your players, you should be fine. The UKGC are the guys in charge of designing and delivering all gambling regulation and protections in the UK, they also issue licenses to casinos, which delivers some duties on casinos that they must fulfil for players. Let’s take a closer look at the safety and security measures that reputable casinos must employ.

  • Stopping underage gambling by checking the age of all players.
  • Protecting vulnerable players.
  • Protecting player data and sensitive information.
  • Protection against fraud, crime and money laundering in online casinos.
  • Advertising in certain ways pertaining to fairness and the target market.

Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

The Competition and Markets Authority is a government department that regulates market competition and customer services. When it comes to the UK gambling industry, the CMA has had a lot to say of late about how the industry needs to up its game, especially about practices and bonuses that are designed to ‘trap’ player’s money. They’ve joined forces with the UKGC to ensure that these new landmark regulations are rolled out across the board (well to any casinos licensed by the UKGC) and this is great news for players as it will ensure that you can withdraw your funds when you want instead of having them tied up in wager requirements or bonus conditions.

Services Provided by Casinos to Assist Players

To fulfil their licensing duties to customers a great casino will offer a number of measures, they should include:

  1. Age, account and financial verification of casino members to stop underage gambling, money laundering, and fake accounts.
  2. Self-restrictions on playtime, money deposited or casino membership. This can range from lots of different limits such as a daily spending amount or a 6-week exclusion from the casino, the limits you set should be flexible and you should be able to arrange them and discuss them with your casino of choice.
  3. Casinos should encourage players to set deposit limits on their account to keep track of their cash flow as well as encourage and inform them to never gamble on credit, or with money you cannot afford to lose.
  4. All players should know they can contact the customer services team at their casino for support and referral for problem gambling.

Direct Assistance for Online Players

If you want to make a complaint directly to an authority or have issues with problem gambling and don’t want to go through your casino you can use the services below.

  • Gambling Commission UK
  • BeGambleAware
  • GamCare

Staying Safe: The Roundup

There’s lots of support and assistance on offer to customers to ensure that online gambling remains fair, safe and regulated and you can always reach out if you are experiencing any issues- it’s just a matter of a phone call or email. We are particularly excited about the new CMA measures being rolled out as they will see dreaded wager requirements and bonus conditions relaxed to favour players and clear up the language used in casino T&C’s.

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